Account Deposits

You may use a Visa or Master Card to deposit money into your e-cash account. All credit card transactions are processed through Onlineoceanviewsa, Gibraltar, UK, a subsidiary of Belle Rock Gaming. These transactions will appear on your credit card statement in US Dollars, with the billing descriptor

It is advisable that you print out transaction data for ALL transactions, which can then be used to trace any queried transactions more efficiently.


When online it is not necessary to cash-in your winnings each time you disconnect. Your gaming account can be left showing a positive balance, as the information will be saved by the Casino server.

There are advantages of ensuring your account maintains a positive balance:

a) You don't need to purchase each time you want to play and
b) You won't deplete your purchase limits unnecessarily.

You are able to withdraw money from your Casino account with one of these options:

  • Credit Card – up to the original purchase amount only, where possible – Visa and MasterCard rules apply
  • Direct Bank Transfer [ACH] (only for US Residents)
  • Check by either International Courier Service or Regular Mail

When you hit the 'Cash-In' button on the Casino software, your payout will be processed within 48 hours. Further bank processing time may, however, delay amounts showing up on your account statement for up to 4 business days.

Please Note: It is now possible to reverse your cash-ins online! However, you will need to make the reversal within 48 hours of your last cash-in to be successful.

Players who cash-in for the first time will be required to comply with certain security requirements. This procedure is intended to give further peace of mind and to ensure purchases and redemptions are not fraudulently transacted.


Proc-Cyber Services and Onlineoceanviewsa or its clients will not be held responsible for fluctuating exchange rates that affect the payout amount. Please note exchange rates will apply to the date that the cash-in was processed.