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Please Note: In using this website and any of our supporting casinos’ software, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions listed below.

Copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as intellectual property laws and treaties protect our Casinos’ software. Our download software product is licensed, not sold.


Our supporting casinos are licensed to conduct business by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Our Casino games are played over the Internet, which reaches virtually every country in the world. Some of these jurisdictions have not yet addressed the legality of online Internet gaming, while some have specifically made Internet gaming illegal.

Casino play at these online Casinos is available only to persons resident in jurisdictions where such participation is legal and not prohibited. While it is impossible for us to determine the laws in your jurisdiction, we recommend that you determine whether it is legal for you to place a bet via the Internet.

Play at these online Casino is available only to persons older than 21 years of age, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is greater. Minors may not under any circumstances play at this Casino. All play by any ineligible person will be voided, including any winnings accruing to that person. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage in order to enforce the prohibition of Casino play by minors.


Participation at our supporting Casinos is at the sole option, discretion and risk of the Player. In particular, the Player takes sole responsibility for determining the legality of real money Casino play. By placing real wagers, the Player warrants that he/she is legally able to do so within his/her jurisdiction. In so doing he/she accepts that the respective Casino is unable to provide any warranties regarding the legality or otherwise of any Player's participation in real money play.


The supporting Casinos’ employees, subsidiaries and affiliates, advertising or other agencies, licensees, licensors, distributors and any other associated or affiliated companies are not eligible to play at these Casinos. The same shall apply to the immediate families of any such persons.


These rules, terms and conditions apply to any of the acts listed below:
  • Visiting our Internet website and/or any of our supporting online casinos
  • Opening an account at the Casinos, either via the website or any other means
  • Downloading the software or obtaining it by any other means
  • Installing the software
  • Operating the software
  • Making use of any Guest or Real account at the Casinos
  • Accepting any prize from the Casinos

The Player warrants and certifies his/her understanding and acceptance of the rules, terms and conditions listed below:

If, while playing at these Casinos, you win a sum regarded by the respective Casino Management as worthy of publicity, you agree to make yourself available for any event of such a nature arranged by the respective Casino. At all times the Casino in question will do its utmost to protect your privacy.

The Player becomes party to and agrees to abide by all of the rules, terms and conditions specified by these Casinos, including any revisions that may take place periodically. The Player specifically agrees to abide by the rules of eligibility listed above.

The Player agrees not to open, use or re-use an account at these Casinos, nor participate at these Casinos, nor accept any prize from these Casinos if he/she does not fully understand, agree to become party to, and abide by all rules, terms and conditions specified or revised periodically on this and supporting casinos websites.

The Player agrees to review at least once a month these rules, terms and conditions as specified on this website and the supporting online casinos. The Player warrants that there are no legal or other restrictions or prohibitions against his/her participation at these Casinos within his/her jurisdiction.

The Player accepts that it is his/her sole responsibility to ascertain whether or not online gaming is legal in his/her jurisdiction.

The Player is an 'adult' over the legal age of majority, as legally defined and accepted within his/her jurisdiction.

The Player does not find our and/or our supporting casinos’ websites, software, promotional or other material to be in any way offensive, indecent, objectionable or obscene.

The Player will not allow any third party to use his/her account(s) at any of the supporting Casinos, nor to make use of the software, nor to accept any prize from these Casinos. In particular, the Player shall not allow any minor any form of access to any of the above.

The Player accepts and understands that no purchase or betting is required in order to obtain and operate the software.

The Player indemnifies these online Casinos, its employees, officers, directors and any and all associated or affiliated persons or organizations against any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages arising from any transaction of the Player at the respective Casino. These transactions by the Player shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following acts:

  • Entry, use or re-use of this website and/or the websites of our supporting casinos
  • Use or re-use of any materials at or obtained from this and supporting casinos’ websites
  • Entry, use or re-use of the Casinos’ servers
  • Participation at these online Casinos
  • Acceptance of any prize from these online Casinos
  • Use or re-use of the Casinos’ software, whether downloaded from the respective website or obtained by any other means

The Player specifically indemnifies these Casinos, its employees, officers, directors and any and all associated or affiliated persons or organizations against any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages arising from any legal or other action taken either by or against the Player arising from any and all interaction with our supporting Casinos and any of its employees, officers, directors and any and all associated or affiliated persons or organizations.

Such action shall include (but not necessarily be limited to) any actions, which might arise as a result of the criminalization of online/Internet wagering within the Player's jurisdiction.

The Player obtains no rights to these Casinos’ trade names, specific terms (such as a payoff lines) or any other terms or materials contained in the websites or the software.

In the event of the Player applying for a real money account at our supporting Casinos, the Player in so doing authorizes us and our designated agents to investigate his/her creditworthiness in connection with the above application and any subsequent purchases which the Player might make at the respective Casino.

All promotions at the supporting casinos are subject to promotion specific Terms and Conditions, which are available under the Terms and Conditions link on the online pages detailing the promotion.

Entrants who fail to comply with any of the promotion specific Terms and Conditions will forfeit their bonus, which will subsequently be removed from their gaming account.